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This restaurant is what the title says. It is a “yara” restaurant, which means it is about Japanese cuisine and is a place for people to enjoy food and learn more about Japanese culture. The name comes from the fact that most dishes are made from a mixture of rice and bean paste that is steamed in a clay pot and then sliced down to size.

yara is the Japanese word for “rice,” and a restaurant specializing in it is called a yara yaki, or “rice restaurant.” So that’s that, and I’m out of here.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Tokyo, and is a part of Yurikamome, a cultural complex.

The name of the restaurant comes from the fact that most dishes are served in a clay pot, which is made by heating raw rice in a pot and then slicing it to size.

Yara is the name of a yakuza crime family and the restaurant is actually a cover for their restaurant. When you’re in Yurikamome, you are basically a part of the yakuza, and the yakuza are basically the criminal underworld. The yakuza are the most powerful, organized crime gang in Japan.

Yura is the gang name of the Yurikamome, and is the name of a particular crime family in the series. It is believed that the Yura actually started in the 1960s as a cover for the Yurikamome, but when the Yura were involved in the ’80s they were known as the “Yurikamome Gang.

Unlike some of the other places on the list, yara is not a restaurant. It’s a nightclub. In Japan, nightclubs are considered to be illegal, or at the very least not to be allowed to be open for more than a limited amount of time each night. In yara, the club is open 24/7, and its location is a popular spot for tourists. The restaurant serves traditional Japanese cuisine at a variety of locations throughout the world.

As you might expect from a place that serves classic Japanese cuisine, yara is incredibly popular for its location. As you can probably imagine, I went there one night and I was literally the only person in the place with a drink in my hand (yup, that’s right, I drank. A lot). The food was wonderful, the drinks were a lot, and the place was pretty packed.

I can’t get enough of yara, especially the karaage, which is a sort of sweetened milk drink. The karaage is made of rice milk, rice, and a few other things. It tastes like milk but the texture is a bit thicker and richer. The karaage comes in a small, delicate cup (kind of like an orange juice cup), and it looks like it looks like it’ll be a pretty good drink.

Yara is the third restaurant that I have visited. I have been to a lot of restaurants in Tokyo, and I always go to Yara. But I am going to have to let this go, because I am still not sure if I want to go back. It is the most authentic, authentic, authentic restaurant I’ve ever been in. The food is good, but it is also very cheap. The drink is good, but the staff is not.



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