15 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About juniper restaurant burlington vt


This is a small and very authentic burlington restaurant serving authentic food. the food is locally grown and prepared, the atmosphere is warm and comfortable, and the prices are affordable.

The owners have been opening their own burlington restaurants for about three years now, but have never achieved a great deal of popularity. However, the quality of their food has been consistently excellent.

The owner of the restaurant, who is also owner of the restaurant, is a very talented chef. He has been opening some fine restaurants in his native Burlington, VT, but juniper is his best yet. He was born and raised in the burlington area and has been cooking for a number of years.

This is the first juniper restaurant we’ve seen in the area. We’re hoping that it will become a great place to dine.

The food is very, very good, and it will be a welcome addition to the area. We’re very excited to see what they do with the space. This is the only location in the area that is open 24/7, and that’s important to us.

The new juniper restaurant. Were very happy with the space and the concept. The food is top notch, and the view is very nice. When we first visited we were disappointed that it wasn’t open til 9 PM, but all of the parties were very late. We are very happy to have it open at 9:00.

That said, we are definitely happy to have the restaurant open at 900am, which is the time we typically eat here. We have been here for a while and have always been very pleased with the food, service, and ambiance.

The food here is very good. The burgers are fantastic and the food is always fresh. The service and ambiance are excellent. However, it is a bit expensive. The first two nights we were there it was $49, but on the third night we went with a group of friends and it was $59. That’s a lot more expensive than we expected it to be. But the food is always fresh and the staff is always friendly.

The menu is very well written, but the price is very high. We were surprised that the food wasn’t more expensive. We think that the menu was written to help get people to try the food, but if they weren’t willing to pay the price we would have ordered from the menu, but we would have given the restaurant credit for the quality of the food.

The price is very high. The food was cheap, but the portions are large. I didnt think that we would have any food at all, but we are eating in a restaurant. Its not like a fast food place. The portions were large, but we had to get up and out of our seats to get food.



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