is white rice vegan


This is another one of those “this is a vegan diet but I am ok with that” questions. I am vegan. There are no rules. And there are no rules in this world. So please do NOT ask me if I eat white rice.

What’s white rice? It’s rice that has been soaked in a dye. The dye is a mixture of iron oxide from the iron in the rice and another dye that is used to color other foods. When cooked, the rice absorbs the dye. At the same time the dyed rice turns white and the white rice also turns pink.

This is a white rice that has been dyed. The color of the rice is determined by the amount of iron in the rice. If the rice has an iron content of 3.5% or less, the rice will be white and look like regular rice. The rice that has an iron content of 4% to 6% will turn pink.

That’s a great example of how “white rice” is a really generic term. You’re right, it’s not used in the same sense to describe all rice, just regular rice. It’s not really a “white rice” either. It’s just rice that’s been dyed. It’s probably better to describe it as “rice dyed in iron”.

Now that I think about it, white rice is a pretty generic term, so not sure why it is used to describe all rice. Its not about being pale, its really about the iron content. Its just a term that people use because its so generic.

Yes, I mean, white rice is one of those terms that really has no definition, so its good to know that before you start using it. But I think we can be more specific about what we mean when we use white rice. The biggest thing that it really means is iron content. Iron is a nutrient in rice and it is pretty toxic when it builds up. So it is best to cook it in your rice. But its really about the iron.

So, in general, the term white rice is just a term that people use because it is so generic. This is fine and dandy, but it is really not as neutral a term as one might think. We are very conscious of what we are eating, and how we are eating it, so we should really pay attention to what we are eating and how we are eating it. White rice also has a whole bunch of other qualities that we are more careful about.

One of the biggest mistakes white rice can make is to be used in place of brown rice. Brown rice is much higher in iron than white rice, and that is a very bad thing for a vegan. The iron in brown rice is just too high, and the iron in white rice is just too low.

As a dietary supplement, white rice has no nutritional value. It is almost as worthless as white flour. It is actually good for you to eat it in small amounts, and the best way is to cook it with water instead of just steaming it.



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