casselman restaurant


The Casselman restaurant is a restaurant known for its world-class food and service. They open at 2:00pm and close at 4:00pm. The restaurant is located on the second floor at the corner of North State Street and State Street.

We went to the restaurant on Monday night and ordered the grilled salmon sandwich on brioche with a side of grilled asparagus. We couldn’t fault the food, which was perfectly cooked. In fact, we were having quite a conversation with a server about the merits of the salmon.

We had a great time, and not only were the staff very attentive, we also enjoyed the restaurant’s many items, such as the desserts, the wine, and the beer, which we enjoyed on a couple of occasions.

The food was good, but the beer was the best we had had in State Street. We were there on a Monday night and they were all having the same drink, and the beer was so good that we had to order it at the bar! (I know you have to drink a lot of beer to be a good server, but it’s worth it.

We’ll have more on this place later.

Casselman is a place that I visited on a random night with my sister. It was a small Italian place we went to after we got off work and was all Italian. I think it was the only place really that had a large selection of Italian food, but the whole place was packed. I think that when you’re ordering something, if you don’t know what it is you’re basically putting your foot into the kitchen.

In my experience, you can tell most of the people at casselman by the way they speak. If they speak slowly and to the point, you know theyre a server. If they talk fast and move in a hurry, you know theyre the cook. And the weirdest part is, theyre all Italian.

There are about 50 restaurants in Vancouver with at least one Italian restaurant. You can find a list over at this link. I think that’s the only major Italian restaurant in Vancouver that’s actually a restaurant, and it’s not near any other Italian restaurants in the city.

I love that word “Italian”. I’m not sure if it means “a person of Italian descent” but I’m sure we can come up with some other way of putting it. But I think it means “one of the Italian people”. And if you’re a person of Italian descent, you probably know some Italian people or you know someone who’s Italian.

Cassellman is a pretty good one actually, as they have a full Italian menu, as well as an Italian coffee bar and an Italian bakery. So I think its pretty safe to say you can get your Italian fix here. The service is great too, as far as I can tell.



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